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Art, animation, music and literature. I'll soon be adding short motion book skits as well.

Please feel free to ask in a note if you want to see me create something different!

I'll also be publishing book covers and prospective covers for my novels.



AEST and Infantry by The-Port-of-Riches
AEST and Infantry
ICS AEST units (Found here, the-port-of-riches.deviantart.… ) are highly trained marines beholden to the Covenanted peoples alone.

The Infantry isn't as well trained however, and is mainly relegated to a ground force to defend planets. While AEST units train in a variety of weapons, infantry don't. Infantry train in squads of five or six, and work through a very strict chain of command. These units are built not on t he team work of just small squads, but to work in highly organized offensives and defensive operations.

They man tanks, light assault vehicles, naval ships (Surface and Deep Surface Warfare) as well as medical escorts.

While AEST units can work in similar capacities, Infantry are usually the ground force that is usually most visible in military campaigns. They number roughly one billion, to the 300 million (declassified) numbers in AEST.

The Infantry are crucial to breaking any offensive army's back. They train in guerrilla warfare, (Known as open warfare in the ICS) as the ICS has been known to be attacked by marauding pirates and Atlantean raiders.

In Ancerious, AEST was the first to arrive, but quickly enough, the volunteer armies of Hao-Daolsa and Yiramwau, and the conscripted army of Praetori, allowed the ICS to hold ground.

The soldiers in this scene, are an AEST unit, equipped with the standard optical display, and FN255 assault rifle, and a basic infantryman, not equipped with AEST optical display gear. (He also wields the successor to the FN250 assault rifle of the past century.)

*Scene was rendered in Blender Cycles, using Makehuman and Scene skies.*
ICS Special Operations Forces AEST by The-Port-of-Riches
ICS Special Operations Forces AEST
The ICS utilizes Marines as a special operations unit to defend large capital ships, and smaller military ships alike. Special operations in this case, are not small in number, but rather large.

AEST stands for:

AEST units train for three months in brutal naval, ship to ship and amphibious warfare, as well as Expansive Operations Training. (EOT) EOT training is designed to prepare troops to fight in both low and artificial gravity, utilizing a large sum of weapons; and resourcefulness on alien worlds.

AEST units are well trained, well equipped and battle hardened. Go up against them at your own will; but it may not end well.
ICS Force Declaration Sheet

Super Dreadnoughts: Yibaera Class

1 Deployed, three under construction.

YSDN-1 (Yibaera) Completed, In Ancerious.
YSDN-2 (Izok)
YSDN-3 (Fortae)
YSDN-4 (Dolsa)

Fortaezi Class

30 deployed, 10 under construction
FDN-21 (Nos Oyen)

Battle Ships:
Praetor Class

2 Deployed in Ancerious, 1 under construction.

BB-1 (Kaz-Praetor) Under Construction on Keosteyon (According to latest reports.)
BB-2 (Jiolhua)
BB-3 (Kaz-Malanka) Under Construction

Battle Cruisers:
Doltaez Class

20 deployed, 2 under construction on Keosteyon.

Anwa'am Class

6 Deployed, 2 Under Construction on Premusia, and One Under Construction on Praetori-Fortaezi.
ACB-4 (Anwa'am)

Heavy Cruisers:
Timeoz Escort Ship

16 Deployed, 7 Under Construction
ESC-8 (Jitioln)

Namastae Class

60 Deployed, 7 under construction

Light Cruisers:
Naebol Class

300 Deployed, 16 under construction

Naehua Class

600 Deployed, 30 Under Construction

Balqua Class

959, Deployed, 11 Under Construction

Oimotlan Class

1,050 Deployed, 70 Under Construction

Caetlan Class

900 Deployed, 5 Under Construction

Yiraehua Class

20 Deployed, 1 Under Construction

SW-21 (Anwar)


Extra Support vehicles:

The ICS has a pretty capable surface navy on Planets Praetori-Fortaezi and Hao-Daolsa as well as on Keosteyon.

ICS Force Declaration Sheet
Atlantis will come out this week as well, but not today. I've got limited time on my hands.
Pics for each class of ship will come shortly.

ICS Summary For Ancerious.
Interstellar Covenanted States of Planet Keosteyon

DATE OF FOUNDING: 5800, December 3rd

MAJORITY SPECIES:  Human (Quoltlani (Bronze-skinned))

SIGNIFICANT RACES: Although the majority species is Human, the significant races in this empire are as follows:
  • 10% Saokan (Brown-skinned natives of the Migami Landmass.)
  • 30% Quoltlani (Think European of Mediterranean descent.)
  • 25% Segonite (Think European of Anglo descent.)
  • 20% Bezoti (Sub-Saokan, black-skinned natives to the same landmass as Saoka.)
  • 15% Hodhui (Sub-Saokan, mixed race natives to the same landmass as Saoka and Quoltlan.)

CULTURE: Covenanted culture is essentially a democratic, open society. They still have racial divisions from centuries past, and the animosity at times breaks between the Quoltlani and Segonite; and the Bezoti and Saokan peoples. The  twelve super powers within the Covenanted structure of government, unite every Saturday, on December 3rd, to elect the Executive General to office, who will set policies for the next seven years. Each country is then responsible for selecting (In what manner suits that country,) it's own representatives to to the centralized World Congress in Daemi-Mondaez, capital city of the Saokan peoples. Most Covenanted citizens in the four great powers - Izdoha (Segonite), Saoka (Saokan), Laquazibol (Bezoti), and Quoltlan (Quoltlani/Hodhui), enjoy the highest standard of living; most other societies on the home world, enjoy relatively low to medium standards of living. Though hunger is in check through out the republic, as per the policies of Dolsa Roz and Izok Miyau, most citizens in the Covenanted States do go about daily routines in a carefree, crime free environment. And while life isn't perfect by any measure, with four great wars under their belt, and the ongoing fight against Atlantis, the Covenanted States does know what it means to cherish peace and unity.

FLAG: No flag, but the ICS DOES have a symbol:

ute ucwnLOGO by The-Port-of-Riches

MOTTO:  "One World, One Peoples"

CAPITAL: Daemi Mondaez, Planet Keosteyon; Greater Bay Republic. As well as Fortae-Yibaer, Planet Hao-Daolsa, Ancerious Galaxy.

  •  Daemi Mondaez (Civil Capital), Greater Bay Republic, Planet Keosteyon
  •  Jioquo (Military Capital), Quoltlan, Planet Keosteyon
  • Fortae-Yibaer (Strong [and] Free), Planet Hao-Daolsa (New Hope) (Civil Capital)
  • Praetori-Fortaezi (Strong Protector), Planet Praetori (Military Capital)

LARGEST CITY: Jioquo, Quoltlan, Planet Keosteyon.

Jioquo is  the oldest, most fortified city on the planet. Built in BCE (Before Common Era) 3011, the city sits on a wide river, and is bordered on all sides by mountains. The only land route in and out of the city is through the Quoltlan Mountains, to which the country gets its name. The city is also a major tourist hub, with seven castles guarding it, the largest of which is Halim Castle. (Prounoucned "AH-LIM), and the original seat of government for the World Congress's security council. The city's population is roughly 90 million, out of the country's whopping 900 million souls.

OFFICIAL LANGUAGE: Migam-Jiolhua. (Soon to be documented.)

  • Quoljioqua (Stone tongue)
  • Segojioqua (White tongue)
  • Joquejioqua (Bezota tongue)

In total, there are 192 delegates who represent roughly 96 countries. The majority of which are too small to be counted as superpower. Each country gets two delegates, no matter what size, and they decide international issues - such as stopping wars, colonizing planets; and admitting planets into the federation that is the ICS.

So far, the ICS is too small to count its Ancerious holdings as members of the federation, but should such happen, the planet will be given a choice to either carve up as separate nations, or become one nation - and only have two delegates to decide international issues. Every seven years, on December 3rd, or on the first Saturday of that month,  every country must send its delegates to vote on the next Executive General, who will govern the entire planet for the next seven years. The most important function of an Executive General, and really his or her only function, is to settle international or colonial disputes, and prevent wars. Additionally, the host country, to which the Executive General is beholden to, gets an economic boost from their participation in the governing arm of the ICS. Such benefits include, for the more poor nations, disaster relief, hunger relief and poverty relief. for the wealthier countries, it may even go as far as economic promises and trade deals.

The ICS is a trade federation at best, when it comes the colonies. And while colonial administration is treated the same in the ICS as it is on the home world, the country's military is largely a volunteer army.  Colonists might be drafted to fight for the republic only when they are required to for federation purposes - such as an all out invasion, or colonial defense. (Though each colony is mandated to have a colonial militia for said colonial defense, ready at a moment's notice.) Below, is a breakdown of the ICS military space fleet.

Of the ICS population, 40% is elegible for 30 years of military service, and only 10% of that forty, have effectively joined the military.
Ship breakdown:
  • Yibaer Capital Ships, 3, two fielded in Ancerious, one at home on Keosteyon.
    • Anwa'am (Home based) (Space borne Carrier named for the Saokan aircraft carrier)
    • Jiolhua (Hao-Daolsa) (Space borne combat ship, aimed at resting control of systems.)
    • Jitioln (Praetori-Fortaezi) (Space borne escort combat ship, aimed at protecting incoming merchant ships.)
  • Jioquo Companion Carriers/Troop Transports, 40, 30 based in Ancerious.
  • Daemi-Ehuaezi class Destroyers, 400, 300 based in Ancerious. 150 of which are with the Jiolhua, and the remainder with the Jitioln.)
  • Oimo Class Light Battle Cruisers, 9, Three of which are based on Keosteyon, the remainder in Ancerious.
  • Military Research Stations (7 on Keosteyon, 3 on Praetori-Fortaezi, and 2 on Hao-Daolsa.)
  • Scientific Research Stations. (7 on Keosteyon, 1 on PRaetori Fortaezi, and 1 on Hao-Daolsa.)
  • Troop Numbers - Classified, but likely close to 300 million, with a total of 19,000 special operations units fielded in Ancerious, 2,000 on Keosteyon. Number of troops in Ancerious is unknown due to its colonial status, but is likely half this amount.)

RELIGIOUS BELEIFS: Freedom of religion is tantamount to ICS governance, and as such, the government doesn't authorize religions to be sponsored by any government or member state.

MONETARY SYSTEM: The ICS follows the Saokan Arot and the Quoltlani Doltzae.
Conversion rate:
SAO to US Dollar: 1 USD = 0.25 SAO ARROT
QUO to US Dollar: 1 USD = 0.67 QUO DOLTZAE

CLASS SYSTEM: On Keosteyon, each nation within the ICS can determine class structure. To the ICS, any and all persons are equal, but that only goes as far as peacekeeping status is concerned. In the colonies, it's t he same deal. On Hao-Daolsa, universal suffrage is the norm. But on Praetori-Fortaezi and Yibaer, lower class citizens don't mingle with the military caste or the upper class respectively.

SETTLEMENT OF CITIES: For the most part, planets are colonized after a lengthy survey and terraforming procedure that can take years. After that process is complete, any planet with more than 15 million people, can request to join the ICS, and from there, they can move on to becoming a part of the federation, or becoming a territory.

GOALS: The ICS takes on the role of peacekeepers on Keosteyon, but for the most part, the foundation of their mission is exploration. Once they settled their own solar system, their status as an exploratory arm of the World Congress was cemented.

TECHNOLOGY: The ICS uses thorium reactors, the tried and true fossil fuels (On colonial worlds still being terraformed) and clean energy as major energy sources.

Additionally, they have access to simple FTL drives, solar sails and other traveling methods - including an orbital tether in Daemi-Mondaez and on the moon Huino.

Origins of the ICS - A Summary by The-Port-of-Riches
Origins of the ICS through the eyes and history of the Saokan peoples.

ANTHEM:… - Lamp of Liberty, by Isaac Thomas Riley (the-port-of-riches.deviantart.…)

GENERAL AFFILIATIONS: They aspire to join any peacekeeping/exploratory organization out in the great expanse.



GREATEST ACOMPLISHMENT: The greatest accomplishment of the ICS is to end war on Planet Keosteyon, and the continued peace in their holdings.

ICS Galactic Empire Form
Atlantis will come out this week as well, but not today. I've got limited time on my hands. ICS Force Declaration Sheet.
Origins of the ICS - A Summary by The-Port-of-Riches
Origins of the ICS - A Summary
The Interstellar Covenanted States is a diverse society, and now has four canon languages.


Their origins could not have been more heartbreaking and costly.

For a society as committed to peace as the Covenanted States is, it is heartbreaking to note that it came at the cost of so many lives.
I implore anyone who follows me to take a look at how things turned out for the ICS, how they came to be; and the peoples responsible for making their arrival complete.

This is the subsequent first entry of my conlang project for Keosteyon, and the documentation of their languages and cultures.
It is also part of the summary for my civilization V and hopefully IV MOD projects detailing all twelve of the major powers of that planet, and twenty-five of their minor city-states.

The ICS, along with Atlantis, is in  the GFA group, and the Ancerious group.

Main Anthem can be found here:……

And Here:……

And the finalized version can be found here:…
  • Listening to: Pacem Aeternam Soundtrack
  • Reading: 2100: The Citadel Book 1
  • Watching: the Screen
  • Playing: Sketchup 2016
  • Eating: nothing
  • Drinking: nothing
I've been going back and forth over this, and I've to create a new account to use in conjunction with this one. Not sure how or when yet; but it will be done soon.
No further details will be provided at the moment.


Isaac Thomas Riley
Artist | Hobbyist | Film & Animation
United States
From Boston, Massachusetts. Born and raised.
I am a starving artist and lover of love. A decent human being who wants to be loved and adored not by many, but by those few who've chosen to stay.

I was born in April of 1990 to a mixed-race family. My mother is Puerto Rican and my father African-Brit. Me and my brothers are as close as can be. (My baby step-sister has nothing to worry about.)

For most of my life, I designed and created music and literature. Only recently branching out into the joys of 3D animation. Like all youngsters with Asperger's, I thrived in my own elements of knowledge building and hard work. Unlike most youngsters, I was unable to read full sentences till I was nine, and yet I ended up thriving as a writer today. Middle and high school was rough for me. Bullying both social and racial bred resentment in my peers and ultimately friendship in some few who dared explore my mind.

College was even harder as I started to venture out into the world dealing with Schizophrenia and my dual diagnosis of Asperger's and Autism. But yet I continued to thrive. After a short crisis in high school, I vowed to push myself as hard as I can in a positive direction, and with that I have been successful.

In my formative years with 3D animation, I took care of three dogs (Huska, Goyo and Munchie) as well as two cats (Jasper and Alice.) I nearly fell through the cracks by the time I started college, but pulled myself together with help from my few friends. Quiet and philosophic as some might say, I've developed a close relationship with few people - all of whom continue to guide me today.

I've never had a romantic relationship, as I've found myself too immersed in my hobbies to have one, but as of late, since moving to Raleigh North Carolina and having no friends around to assist me and my mother/guardian adjust to life down south, I've found myself seeking someone to hold.

My new challenges are tough ones, but I'm sure that at some point I'll overcome them. I want to go back to school for writing and music theory to have better tools to develop my two greatest interests, and I also want to start having a small social life down here in Raleigh. Maybe also start working to help pay the bills in the house.

But like all challenges, I will overcome, persevere and grow. Hopefully there will be more people to help see me grow down here as there are up north.

So I leave you, my friend, with this. What's in a name?
I = Innovative
S = Smart
A = Accepting
A = Accomplished
C = Caring

T = Talkative
H = Hopeful
O = Outspoken
M = Musician
A = Able
S = Safe

R = Respectful
I = Impressive
L = Loving
E = Explorer
Y = Youthful

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