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ICS IDF Ranking Insignia by The-Port-of-Riches ICS IDF Ranking Insignia by The-Port-of-Riches
The Interstellar Covenanted States is well known as a military and powerful trading power in the interior of Orion's Arm of the Milky Way Galaxy.
Situated just fourteen light years from Earth, their star system, Solaris 1, orbits a youthful sun that often symbolizes the tenacity and growth of the Covenatrian peoples. 

Their wealth is legendary, but so is their military.
A simple, albeit large ranking system in use by all branches of the Covenatrian military, indicate a unified branch interoperability and cooperation. 
Here, are the nine ranking tables with their ranking grades established.

Here are the branches of the collective known as the Interstellar Defense Force:
1) Army
3)Air Force
4)Space Command

Automatically gained upon entering the Interstellar Defense Force.

Earned upon completion of all military training in boot camp and basic training.
For the navy, this rank is earned when you complete fleet training, as well as boot camp and basic.
For the Space Command, that rank is earned when you complete fleet, applied sciences and space training.

This rank is earned when you complete two years of service in the army, or when you've fought in your first military engagement. 
For the Space Force, this rank is earned after two years of off world deployment.

This rank is earned after completing a compulsory written exam as well as three years of military service. 
For the Space Force, this rank is earned after completing three years of off world deployment.
Sergeants are the recruits of many special operations programs.

-Warrant Corporal 
Earned after completing two years of service since receiving the rank of sergeant. 
One only advances through this rank after completing two written exams in basic arithmetic, applied sciences AND weapons training. 
One must also have fought in at least one field engagement if you're in the army, or one celestial engagement if you're in the space force.

-Warrant Sergeant
Earned after completing four years of service and two compulsory exams in basic arithmetic and applied sciences. 
Soldiers earning this will also be trained to handle special operations missions as part of the Alpha Program. 
Warrant Sergeants also can train to operate within other branches of the Defense Force. Specifically the Space Command.

-Warrant Captain
Warrant Captains train in a variety of conditions for one to two branches. Their main goal is inter-branch cooperation, and they act as ambassadors for their main branch while learning how to operate at a minimum in a second branch. 
Warrant Captains must pass a written, oral and applied sciences exam. They also must be professionals in operating their respective branch equipment. Handle military secrets, and command large groups of people.
For the Space Command, this means that a Warrant Captain is a recruit for ship command. He becomes a specialist aboard a military or civilian ship.
Specialists include: 
--Anthropology (For communicating with other life forms or understanding their biology)
--Intelligence Gathering 

-Command Corporal
The recruit rank for officer training. These recruits must specialize in basic training, weapons and specialist training. (See above for specialist categories)

-Command Sergeant 
This is the first advanced ranking for officers engaging in desk duties. This rank allows for the commanding of small platoons from the strategy room, or reporting to Master Officers.
Command Sergeants must specialize in specialist training, applied sciences and advanced weapons training.

-Command Captain
Command Captains must pass a compulsory introduction exam, multiple tests; and qualify for space travel before attaining this rank. This means that you've got the right stuff to be properly inducted into the Interstellar Defense Force proper. 
Your training prepares you to handle low grade space equipment,  as well as supervise whole companies of troops and small fleets of ships within the space command and army.
For This rank cannot be met for those not training from Command Corporal. It can be attained from those switching over however, from Warrant Captain to Command Corporal. 
Command Captains make up the bulk of the Defense Force's astronauts and scientists. You MUST know a specialist such as astronomy or engineering to qualify for command captain.

-Command Chief
Command Chiefs are the last rank up for field officers. This rank means that you've served six years of deployment, and supervised thousands.
Command Chiefs who started off as recruits, now become officers. They must now enter the academy to study how to become officers.
For those reaching this rank as a Command Corporal, you earn this rank by  committing to three years of service and supervising thousands of platoons (if you're army) or a small carrier group if your in the Naval or Space Force.
Command Captains reaching this rank will be selected for commanding a fleet flagship. It is also the last rank to retire from your service branch (Navy, Army or Air Force)  with honor.

-Master Corporal
Master Corporals are the first officer recruits of the Interstellar Defense Force Space Command. 
Master Corporals serve in the space command after achieving command Chief and then switching over to the Space Command or being selected to command a ship, it's garrison and its specialists. 
Master Corporals train for commanding fleets, but don't command them in this rank. This is an introduction to fleet command. As such, most of your time is spent traveling to installations around ICS controlled space and training for three years to become a Master Chief. 

-Master Sergeant
Master Sergeants train exclusively in their specialty. Some become medics, while others commanders. 
Commanders train to command whole master fleets - tens of thousands of ships - while Medics supervise the ship's medical wards and Astronomers supervise the ship's astronomy beacon. (For instance)

-Master Captain
Master Captains command small ships. This is the first rank for commanding a carrier or capital ship. Trainees are introduced to military tactics, and must be proficient in them.

-Master Chief
 Master Chiefs is the last rank of the masters. Here, you command a fleet of ships. The most famous Master Chief, is Uliye David-Al'lon. Who now sits on the board of Admirals for the home fleet.

-Field Colonel
Field Colonels are the first rank up for Command Chiefs training as any specialist other than  astronomy, navigation or intelligence gathering.
Field Colonels train to participate in their specialty of choice, and are supervised by their Master Chief, and their Master Field Colonel.

-Warrant Field Colonel
Warrant Field Colonels train to command small teams of specialists under the direction of a master field colonel. 

-Command Field Colonel 
Command Field Colonels train their Warrant Field Colonels and Field Colonels in a variety of skills within their profession. They are the second in command to the ship's Master Field Colonel.

-Master Field Colonel
Achieving this rank, means that you're the second in command to the captain in regards to your field colonels. If the captain is unable to give an order, and his bridge crew can't do it; the task falls onto you.


Brigadier are officer ranks who assist in maintaining order aboard the ship.  (Space Command)
The first ranking of all Military Police in the Interstellar Defense Force.

-Field Brigadier
Field Brigadiers are MPs who've completed basic training and the written and oral exams. They've been deemed fit to enter service proper.

-Command Brigadier
Command Brigadiers are the MPs who've spent six years of service keeping order on military installations and ships under the protection of the Interstellar Covenanted States.

-Master Brigadier
Master Brigadiers are MPs who've been indoctrinated into service from the rank of Sergeant from either the Navy, Air Force or Army. They have a background in basic training by now, and must pass written exams to become a master brigadier.
Those coming in from Command Brigadier, must also pass a written exam, but must also train to become lawyers in court hearings.

-Brigadier Corporal
Fourth Officer in charge of ship. Last rank to command a ship should the Master Chief or Command Master Chief die.

-Brigadier Sergeant
Third Officer in charge of ship. Commands all Field Colonels. 

-Brigadier Captain 
Second Officer in charge of the ship should the Brigadier Chief and Master Chief (or Command Master Chief die while on duty.)
Commands any civilian entity working aboard the ship. unless they are employed by the captain.

-Brigadier Chief
Brigadier Chiefs are the first officer in charge of the ship and the first rank to command a ship should the Master Chief or command Master Chief die while on duty.
Commands any civilian entity working aboard the ship, and plays host to the Executive Statesman (President) or Executive Officer (Vice President) should they visit the ship.

-Fleet Private
The first civilian rank in the Interstellar Defense Force. Civilians train here in maintenance of the ship, as well as basic space training. These brave souls are on government payroll, but not employed as soldiers. So they don't have weapons training, and can't rise through the military ranks.

-Fleet Corporal
The first rank civilians earn after training to maintain the ship.

-Fleet Sergeant
Fleet Sergeants are Warrant Captains who've switched over to the Space Command as civilians. They work only in their specialties, and command small groups of fleet corporals in committing to their tasks. 

-Fleet Captain 
Fleet Captains are usually composed of a Fleet Sergeant and an excelling Fleet Corporal who supervise all Space Command Fleet Crew. 

-Command Master Chief
Ranks all master chiefs in their company. 
Ranks all recruits in their company. 
Signs all award certificates to graduating recruits in their company.
First Rank of the Desk Officer.

-Command Master Brigadier
Ranks All Brigadiers in their company.
Second Rank of the Desk Officer.

-Command Master Lieutenant 
Commands Intelligence Distribution throughout the Intelligence Gathering departments of the Interstellar Defense Force.

-Command Master General
-Company head. Chooses Fleet Master Officers for their company who decide on captains for ships under the command of the Interstellar Defense Force.

-Fleet Master Sergeant
Decides Master Chiefs for single ship command.

-Fleet Master Chief
Decides Master Chiefs for pocket fleet command. (Seven or less ships.)

-Fleet Master Brigadier
Decides Master Chiefs for fleet command. (Forty to one hundred ships.)

-Fleet Master Lieutenant
Decides Master Chiefs for armada fleet command. (One hundred to five hundred ships.)

-Fleet Master General
Decides Master Chiefs for capital fleet command. (Five hundred to one thousand ships.)

-Field Proatorian Guard
Protects foreign dignitaries while they are within the Covenanted States.
Usually Warrant Captains.

Master Proatorian Guard
Protects national dignitaries, officers and leaders who work within the civilian government. 
Usually Warrant Captains.

Command Proatorian Guard 
Protects the Executive Statesman (President) and his apprentice.
Protects the Executive Officer (Vice President)
Protects justices and congressional leaders.
Usually Warrant Captains.


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