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ICSIDF Space Ships by The-Port-of-Riches ICSIDF Space Ships by The-Port-of-Riches
The primary ships of the Interstellar Covenanted States as detailed and made with 3ds Max and rendered on DAZ Studio.

I named and numbered the most important hulls the two unique ships of the Covenanted States; and even showed how they look to scale of each other!
Only the Super Carrier (Which is based of the Spartan Conqueror as will be explained later,) has been fully measured.

Ship Classes Stories
01) Viman Class Super Carrier Story:
The Viman Class Super Carrier was originally a Spartan Conqueror that was given as a gift to the Covenanted States some years back. The very first hull of the future Viman Class Super Carrier, was captured by pirates when an Abreuin spy onboard gave up the ship's navigation information to the Abreuin-funded pirates.

Ones caught in the act of stealing and trying to reverse engineer the ship, the Abreuins and the Covenanted States nearly fighting a war over it, mediators from the neighboring nation of Jakistan worked to get the ship back into Covenatrian hands before Sparta found out and declared war on Abreunom.

The Covenanted States successfully reversed engineered their conqueror into the primary ship of their fleet by 2369/2009, naming the first hull Leget Dantarim or Diplomatic Shield.

The Leget Dantarim later gave birth to seven other hulls under the same classification, though obviously much smaller than her; becoming the Covenatrian answer to a Spartan Conqueror.

Though thier crew numbers and armaments are largely classified - as there is a war on - the most important weapon aboard the ship is the Planet-Buster. A Class - D MAC Gun said to be similar and just as powerful as a Spartan Shatter Beam - if not more surgical. (The Leget Dantarim once executed a war criminal per his request by using her shatter beam. Destroying only his heart and nothing else.)

02) Autumn Class Heavy Cruiser
Unique only to the Covenanted States, the Autumn Class Destroyer, most famously it's latest class the King Class, has been in service since the Covenanted States was first born. The Autumn Class, (based off Halo's Pillar of Autumn,) is a honeycombed structure ship with a slew of armaments and room for crew quarters and equipment.

The most famous class ship in a fleet of 196 Autumns, is the famous King of Kings. A smaller civilian version of the King Class of Autumns that fought in the battle for Amani Unus shortly before the end of the First Atlantean War.

03) Hermosa Class Transport Ship
Part of the Autumn Class fleet of ships, the Hermosa Class was renovated as was the Autumn Class, from the Pillar class of research ships shortly before the civil war. Like the ancient Pillar Class, the Hermosa Class is small and cramped, though suitable for research into deep space, quantum physics and social engineering in zero gravity.

The Hermosa class transports also serve as invasion ships though they are lightly armored and need to be escorted by light cruisers.

04) Executive Class Battle Carrier
Famous for the two ships garrisoned near the home world of Costellon on its moon, the Executive or Exectium Class Battle Carrier is notable for its portable missile batteries made from nano technology in the ship's factories.

The Executive Class Battle Carrier is heavily armored with a slew of weaponry, including a short-range EMP system that can knock out a Conqueror's bridge at two hundred million miles away.

The Executive class is a forward-thruster ship and is fairly light in size allowing it like most ships of the Covenanted States, the ability to enter the planet's atmosphere.

05) Caesaro Class Light Destroyer
Branded as the weakest ship in any Covenatrian fleet, the sheer numbers of these ships makes it a crucial work horse for the young nation's meager space fleet.

Based off the Carmenian Piero Class Frigate, the Covenatrian Caesaro Class: a joint Abreuin/Covenatrian project yielded great results for an inexpensive, close quarters fighting ship which can also sustain its own in a normal space battle.

The Covenanted States further modified the gun with two massive gause turrets instead of overpowering her with a MAC, and added two additional smaller turrets for close quarters combat on the top and bottom as retractable turrets.

06) Donuv Class Light Destroyer
Famous in the Covenanted States as the most common class denomination of any ship in the young nation's history, the Donuv Class Light Destroyer is fast, inexpensive and manned by a dedicated crew.

Replacing the formerly Spartan built Trident light Destroyer before the civil war, the Home built Donuv is a crown jewel of the young nations standard line navy. Escorting the far larger Heavy Cruisers, and smaller light carriers.

07) Iodinus Class Support Ship
A support or Companion Carrier, the Iodinus Class support ship was the response to all those former Spartan Olympus class ships gifted to the Covenanted States after the war. Retrofitted and redesigned to meet the needs of the young nation, the Iodinus class Support Ship is a capable carrier, transport; and scouting ship.
JazzLizard Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Your "Viman" ship seems to be almost identical to the Eclipse class star dreadnought, even down to the superlaser.
The-Port-of-Riches Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2012  Hobbyist Filmographer
That's the point. She was designed with the eclipse in mind, but the super laser was trimmed down a bit. I removed much of the base for the super laser, and turned it into an observation post.
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